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We’re gearing up for the holiday season and we have popped up in your neck of the woods, wherever you are, to offer you some great reads along with great convenience, great friends, and belly-aching fun!  I know, everyone thought that because of the pandemic, we’d be having a “blue” Christmas and holiday season, just like the “blue” that has draped over our lives this past year.  So, never wanting to disappoint, we ARE in fact, having a BLUE Christmas, but, it’s not the one you were expecting!

Our shop has been categorized by price, genre, and new this year, by author!  You know how much you want to spend on books and you also know the kind of books you want to read, so, we have narrowed the process to make your holiday book shopping a breeze.  We’ve also ensured that you are able to, in one spot, know all the books that are on offer here by your favorite authors!  And, we’ve dressed the halls of this year’s PUB, in beautiful, wintry blues!

Because the RRBC catalog is filled to the brim with books, here at our PUBS, you can go straight to the books in your genre and those also in your price range, because all the books that are listed in the RRBC catalog, are not here in the PUBS.  Don’t ask me why…but, ’tis strange to me, too!  The good thing about that, though, is that there won’t be mounds and mounds of books for you to wade through to get to your next great read!

We have so many special treats in store for you here at the 2020 “BOOKS & BUDZ” POP-UP BOOKSHOP!  Returning this year, our Author “Reading” Room!  RRBC authors have come to sit and actually read snippets from their published works to us!  I did mention we had treats, didn’t I?  You get to listen and actually “see” your favorite authors and friends as they “read” to you, some in the most animated of voices!  Leave it to trailblazin’, quite often imitated RRBC to always do what others thought couldn’t be done!  You haven’t forgotten who’s flying this plane, have you?  That’s right – this “Nonnie” only knows how to soar higher and higher and do things BIG!

Lastly, don’t forget to drop by and play our FAKE NEWS Game!  I mean who really cares about the truth, anyway?  Our SCAVENGER HUNT game will have you scurrying about, but, it’ll be so much fun, you won’t even notice that you’re panting like a puppy! Play the games and you could win prizes!  

To bring even more fun to this year’s event, we’re going to be giving away daily prizes!  But, you’ll have to do a couple of things to get in on the goodies.   First, you’ll need to follow this site (scroll down to the very bottom of the page for the follow buttons) so that you will be notified each time there is a giveaway.  (This is the only way we’re notifying winners with this random giveaway.  When you notice that you have won a prize, merely leave a comment on that blog post that has tagged you as the winner, and you’ll be set to receive your prize!).  Secondly, you’ll need to leave comments throughout the site.  I mean, one comment is fine, but the more the merrier.  Say for instance you leave only one comment – well, if you win one day, your name won’t be in the drawing to win again, so the more comments you leave around the site, the more times we’re throwing your name into that pot!  Got all that?  Good!

So, are you ready to begin checking off those holiday book purchases for the special readers in your world?  Are you also ready to take a break and listen in on some of the most talented authors in the industry, whilst they give you a great “reading” without the crowds or the long lines?

Well, as with all our amazing events, sit back, relax in your robe or PJs if you wanna, and let your fingers start shopping!  And, while you came here to find some great books, we know that you’ll be leaving with a few new ‘budz’ as well! 

Don’t forget to leave your comments all around the site, don’t forget to follow the site, don’t forget to LIKE every page on the site, and lastly, we ask that you help us spread the word of this amazing event by sharing it all around your social media forums!  It’s open to the general public!  Please use the #RRBC #BooksBudzPopUp20 hashtags when doing so!

This year my family has decided to sponsor 5 families for Christmas.  It’s been a tough year for all of us, but, our blessings have continued to flow and, for that reason, we want to share those blessings. For those of us who have forgotten the reason for the season, this should jog your memory and I hope that you’ll be moved to share your blessings, as well.



FOR EVERY BOOK THAT YOU PURCHASE FROM THE “POP-UP” BETWEEN DECEMBER 2 AND DECEMBER 16TH, AND THEN SEND US PROOF OF YOUR PURCHASE VIA EMAIL to RRBCINFO@GMAIL.COM, you will receive a FREE entry into a drawing for A $50 AMAZON GIFT CARD!  But, that’s not all!  WE HAVE MANY OTHER RANDOM AMAZON GIFT CARDS TO ALSO GIVE AWAY, IN VARYING AMOUNTS, TOO!  Yes, you could win multiple times, so get to shopping and sending us those proofs of purchase from Amazon or B&N!

64 thoughts on “#RRBC’s #Holiday #BooksBudzPopUp Bookshop 2020!

  1. Thank you, Karen, Charles, and Yvette, for purchasing my books. If anyone else would like to buy them, they are on sale for 99 cents. After December 16th, they return to full price. Tonight is the first night of Chanukah, so Happy Chanukah and Happy Holidays!

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  2. Thanks to Susanne, I discovered that Amazon has messed up my book postings! Yes, it IS Empty Seats, and I just got the eBook posting fixed ( The hard copy posting is not fixed yet. I spent about two hours on the phone with KDP and their experts and am waiting for another call back from them so I can get the paperback up again. I took over distribution from the one-time distributor (my contract ran out on November 30). And “they” said it would be easy! HAHAHA! HO! HO! HO!!!!

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  3. I’ve found a few books to purchase that I didn’t already have on my Kindle! Looking forward to some good reading.


  4. I”m back! I just bought Maretha Botha’s two books, Lost and Found: Family Ties and Lost Time: Family Ties. I’m not showing any favoritism. I made my way through the 99 cents and $1 books. I’m up to the $1.99 books.

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      1. Hi Susanne–You saved me! I had no idea there was an issue. I have been trying to fix this for the past two days. There’s a new link for the e-book; the paperback hasn’t been fixed yet. I am hopeful that it will be fixed by the end of the pop-up show!


  5. Joy G. is also delighted to with all the content.Well done Nonnie for making RRBC AN INCREDIBLE PLACE TO BE.I have made many new friends and bought quite a few books.
    Seasons greeting to you all and blessings at this precious time of the year.

    Lets be hopeful for a vaccine is just around the corner.
    Joy G.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is a fun part of Christmas! RRBC isn’t business all the time, but we are in the business of having fun while still promoting and pushing our books all the time! The alcohol in the lounge gets them tipsy and eager to buy more! Hehehe!!!


  6. I am having fun here (after having been frustrated by KDP, moving my book over to my own distribution). Ah, but that’s a small price to pay for now not having to deal with another distributor! Hope everyone is having fun. I certainly am. The only decoration we have up is a wreath on the front door, but hey, it’s a start! Tomorrow night I’ll throw in a few holiday (meaning Christmas and Hanukkah) songs into my playlist.

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  7. Wow! great selection. I need to go sit and rub my feet from all this shopping, maybe sip some hot chocolate. I will take a look at Lost and Found: Family Ties and Sahara Heat that just jumped into my cart. Back later.

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  8. Ho, Ho, Ho, here we go! Wishing everyone great success and a very merry Christmas. Oh, and you’ve already made me cry with that video. May you all experience the love and meaning of this season.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, that video choked me up! Nonnie, you’ve outdone yourself. Everything is so beautiful and festive. I’ve already bought a bunch of books and can’t wait to discover more. Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience for us all. 🙂


      1. You’re welcome, Yvette! Everything we do here, I want it to be the best and the best for all of you! I want you all to be proud to invite your friends and family over! RRBC isn’t a fly by night gig, it never has been; it’s a finely tuned and well-oiled machine that’s backed by professionalism and decency and that shows in everything we do. When you no longer see that, it will mean that I’m dead. But for now, we continue to delight and deliver on what we promise to do – profile, promote and propel! Happy holidays, Yvette!

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